Learn more about the partner program:

Partner Program Stories AR

Advantages of partner program:

10% from all payments - You will be granted 10% from licenses purchased and 10% from balance recharges. Withdrawal to your card at any moment - Minimum withdrawal amount – $100. To any bankcard Bonuses for those subscribing - Everyone, purchasing licenses via your link gets +50 photos to their balance + 2 months

How to become a partner

**1 - Register with PRO. If you have an account in DEMO or PRO. Enter it. 2 - Share the link. Share the link in social networks or just send it to your friend. Find the link in section My profile 3 - Get payments. You will get 10% from purchased licenses and 10% from balance recharge during the year.

Detailed terms of the referral program

Percent is accrued from all payments, the client makes within a year after registration

Referral program:

● Valid only for users registered in all countries;

● Includes withdrawal of money to the settlement account, bank card;

● Includes certificate of the Stories Album partner;

● Minimum withdrawal amount - $100;

● The partner subscribing via your link gets +50 photos +2 months.


Who is the partner program for? The program is for everyone with acquaintances in photo industry (photographers, videographers and so on). You share the link and earn money during the year.

What do those I share the link with get? Those purchasing license via your link, get +50 photos+ 2 months as a gift.

Whom can I recommend the service to? Our primary audience are entrepreneurs and freelancers, more often from photo industry or marketing.

Where can I share the link? Share the link in your social networks (it is the best result most often) or just pass the link via WhatsApp/Telegram.

Where to read about our service? Learn the details on the main page of the site