For proper display of your AR-photo, we recommend following our guidance.

Plan of proper embedding:

  1. Take photos
  2. Make-up the album in pages
  3. Save the finished photos from the album layout sheet (those you customized already)
  4. Add photos to PRO
  5. Pass the QR-code from PRO to the client (more often printed on the back cover)

Why is such consequence?

When you make the album in pages, you can cut/turn photos. It is important to follow the rule: a photo in the album = a photo uploaded to PRO. Otherwise, if you upload one image to PRO and a photo is cut in the album, your image may jig up and down.

Guided tour. Fast photo saving for uploading to PRO:

Use Photoshop (square photos)

Using Photoshop (free-shape photo)

Using screenshots (square photos)

The fastest way⬆⬆⬆