If you find some extra files in the QR-code/link, you can delete your files.

Of importance! If you delete photo/video pairs from the paid QR-code/link, the photos will not be back to your balance. Of importance! At any changes of deletion/replacement/adding, the QR-code/link does not change.

1. Press “Edit” for the file you want to delete the photo/video pair in (no matter whether it has the “Test” or the “Paid” status).

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 16.55.59.png

2. Delete the unwanted files and press “Save changes”

Of importance! When you delete a photo or a video, the whole pair is deleted. Of importance! After you press the button “Save changes”, your deleted pairs are deleted from servers and stop operating. Thus, check everything before pressing the button!


3. Your AR-photos are ready. Test the AR-photos. To update the data in the application delete CASHE inside the application and scan the QR-code again.

See as well: How to Replacement files Add files to QR-code/link.